Unity is strength! Knowledge is Power! Attitude is Everything!

PinnacleHq™ is the parent company of LifeMatters™, CoreFirst™, and CoreEd™. These companies allow PinnacleHq™ to guide and assist our clients through life.

In October of 2003, LifeMatters™ was established to offer non-medical in-home care for the elderly and physically disabled living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and in Sussex County, DE.  Our companion, personal, and skilled care services are individually tailored to allow you the freedom to live the way you want, regardless of your health and wellness needs.

CoreFirst™, established in 2007 – offers a host of services to enhance human performance in all aspects of life.  CoreFirst™ has three divisions – Performance Nutrition, Movement Performance and Mental Conditioning.  CoreFirst™ has unique human performance offerings to meet the needs of everyone from youth and competitive athletes, to deconditioned adults who are committed to making lifestyle changes leading to positive wellness rituals and habits to include physical conditioning and daily nutrition.

Finally, CoreED™ was established in 2008 and provides educational consulting and college counseling services to high school students interested in enhancing their chances of attending appropriate institutions of higher learning.  Two very popular services offered by CoreEd™ in addition to the traditional educational consulting include SAT Prep and Summer Academic Enrichment.